"Being in a girl group, we might bicker a lot about hair dryers or straighteners, but it’s never serious. We’ve been lucky that we get along so much, it’s like having three other sisters to party with every day—it’s fun!" — Perrie Edwards

The One That Got Away: The past is like a handful of dust; it filters through your fingers, disappearing little by little. I wish for one day I could go back. In another life I would do things differently.

@ Katyperry:  A má notícia: não há nenhuma chave para o universo. A boa notícia: ele nunca estava trancada.

f(x) hair: luna + blonde

I think I need to make a record that sort of brings everything back into focus. I’ve really enjoyed, and I still enjoy the sort of simplicity of some of these compositions, but I feel like it’s time to make a record that takes a while. Born and Raised took quite a while. Born and Raised was a very well-thought thing. Paradise Valley was my first experience and experiment with “Hey, here’s a bonus record. You can’t hate it ‘cause it wasn’t supposed to be here anyway. So, enjoy.” But then I realized that does make a statement. People do clock that. I think that I’ve gotta make a record that is the ultimate sort of “Here I am.” 


Get to know me meme:[1/5] Favorite musical artists → Katy Perry 

"I’m not a dummy. I know ‘California Gurls’ isn’t going to save the world. But I got a lot of heart from my upbringing and I put a lot of heart in my songs."

Speakers knockin’ ‘til the morning light ‘cause we like to party